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Adele Petit

Professional internet aficionado. Unapologetic web specialist. Amateur explorer. Freelance twitter expert.

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Maria J. Bennet

Pop culture fanatic. Subtly charming internet enthusiast. Creator. Music expert. Coffee trailblazer. Avid explorer.

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Look Designer

Jhon Tuft

Travel specialist. Lifelong web buff. Food nerd. Total communicator. Alcohol ninja.

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Talent Scout

Mirko Moralez

Beer maven. Typical troublemaker. Lifelong internet expert. Freelance travel guru. Tvaholic.

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Talent Scout, Sound Designer

Samuel Garcia

Wannabe food junkie. Communicator. Student. Reader. Zombie evangelist. Proud twitter maven. Devoted tv enthusiast.

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Talent Scout

Miss Pink

Professional student. Explorer. Twitter aficionado. Freelance bacon nerd. Friendly thinker. Web trailblazer. Passionate problem solver.

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Owner, Art Director

Morgan White

Hipster-friendly student. Explorer. Freelance alcohol evangelist. Devoted beer lover. Food aficionado.

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Melissa Lancaster

Proud music fan. Introvert. Student. Organizer. Professional thinker. Pop culture guru.

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